Guide to buying a snare drum

Drummers are no exceptions when it comes to having their respective musical instrument playing styles. Also, drummers need to versatility to recreate their drum playing styles. And choosing correct drum sets is an essential factor for such. Selecting the kit best fitted for your style is like choosing a brand new car very carefully, and this requires a personal approach.

Snare drums are the essential component in any drum set and must be chosen very carefully above all else. It can create a dominant sound and can be used frequently than all other ingredients. Snare drum playing can create a bright, bright and audible sound which often is utilized in forming rhythm and counting. These are used in all musical genres. Therefore buying the best quality of snare drums suitable for your drum playing style is a drummer’s investment. Let’s discuss the 4 factors that will help us decide what is the best snare drum in the market today.

1. Materials

Snares can be made from different materials – natural or artificial. The type of material used will create a varied quality regarding sounds and tones. This is the most critical factor to consider and emphasize. Shells made from natural wood are common of birch and maple which produce a loud yet smooth sound, with a flavorful tone as well. Metal shells, on the other hand, will provide more booming sounds with high pitch tones. Metal shells are used by first-timers and intermediate players. To reduce the dingy sound steel shells produce, proper adjustment is to be done.

2. Dimensions

Metallic and wooden shells both have their different application in various genres. Hence, choosing not just the material but also its dimensions is essential as well. The standard measurement for drums is 5-6 inches depth and 10-15 inches width. Take note that different music genres also require its respective snares material and size. For instance, rock drum playing enthusiasts will need metal shells with 14 inches width and 5.5 inches depth. Because of the genre, the snare is required in order to produce the sound that will stand out in every performance. Jazz drummers prefer wooden shelled instruments for producing smooth yet flavorful jazz musical tones. Note that the different sizes of the drums will greatly affect the kind of sound it provides especially its depth.

3. Depth

A snare drum’s depth is as important as the other elements, and it helps in classifying different snare types including the Piccolo. It is a snare variation with only 3 to 4 inches deep. Deeper snares have depths of 6-12 inches, and between Piccolo and deep snares are the standard snare drums. All these have their respective applications in several musical genres and drum playing styles.

4. Brand

The brand should be given least attention in choosing. But its importance should also be not neglected, nonetheless. Famous brands offer high-quality snares with their state of the art materials. Some companies also produce snares that fit your drum playing preferences and budget.

Snare drums are important instruments for all drummers and must be chosen with careful thoughts. Never rush when choosing snare drums and take sufficient time to look around. Use recommendations from trusted people to your advantage, and pick one snare drum that best fits your musical drum playing goals and budget.