How an awesome real estate agent can get you more money

Transactions and the activities that revolve around property/home selling are both complex and

time-consuming, especially for people who have not dealt with the industry before. The risk of selling your

house at a lower market value or to unscrupulous buyers can attach, translating into losses. Real-estate

agents come in handy as experts who, with many years of experience, give expert services and ensure that

your property sells at the right value and in a short period. Here are five reasons why you should get an agent

to sell your home/property. If you still don’t believe in agents, skip ahead to¬†house buyers –


1. Knowledge and Expertise

Just like any other profession, real estate agents possess rich knowledge on the nitty gritties regarding

property sale and management. Many home sellers opt for the For Sale by Owner FSBO method in order to

save thousands of dollars as commission fees for agents. They however lack immense knowledge on what

home selling entails. Eventually, agents end up saving a few more thousand dollars that would have been

wasted due to the complexity of home selling. In many states, the average commission fee for agents in

roughly 6%. This is incomparable to the 10% in unforeseen costs and expenses that newbies end up wasting

when they opt for FSBO. With many years of experience in the field, agents have immense knowledge about

home selling, which turns out to be an added advantage to you, the seller.


2. Time and Efficiency

Agents have incredible experience on how home/property selling entails. This affords agents the ability to

perform various requirements for home selling like paperwork, faster and more efficiently than you would do

on your own. This is because agents have laid down an efficient network of all the people involved in property

selling. The network ensures that the selling is faster and efficiently done, compared to that of a private

seller. In many cases, house buyers opt to buy houses through agents because of their efficiency. Selling your

home via an agent is hence quite fast and efficient.


3. Security

One of the most important aspects of selling your house through an agent is the avoidance of dangers

associated with such transactions. Many house/home sellers who opt to go into the sale alone find

themselves entertaining the wrong buyers who never end up purchasing the house. Because of their

experience in the industry, agents are able to screen prospective buyers and point out those who are most

likely to purchase the property. Many buyers also prefer purchasing property/home because of the security

agents provide. By selling your home via an agent, instances of conmen and unscrupulous buyers is avoided.


4. Negotiation and Pricing

Selling a home requires both expertise and skill. Most home sellers who opt for FSBO option end up wasting

a lot of time or selling at a lower price due to the lack of skills in negotiation and closing the customer. Even

where the home/property is posh and promising, sellers without agents end up losing buyers who would have

bought if the negotiations were done correctly. Agents also guarantee to sell your house for the right market

value or even higher. Their expertise on the same affords them the ability to negotiate for the best price from

the buyer, which translates into more money for you, the seller.